Frequently asked questions

Once you placed your order and fulfilled the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the shipping date. Please note that the shipping time might be affected by certain travel and shipping restrictions due to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, we don’t ship on weekends. But you can place your orders and payments during the weekends. Rest assured that all weekend orders will be processed on Mondays for faster shipping.

As of the moment, we only ship to mainland USA and Canada. But we’re already in the process of expanding our shipping services for our international customers. Note: Please allow 15 working days for the products to arrive when ordering from Canada.

We do not currently ship to these locations.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t ship to these particular addresses due to carrier preferences.

The dimension of the Console Gaming Bean Bag is (L)49 X (W)22 X(H) 23 inches. The weight is 11 pounds and can take up to 3 square feet of floor space.

No assembly is needed. All products are ready-to-use straight from their boxes.

All products are machine washable. Simply remove the outer cover, and you’re good to go. It’s highly recommended that you do cold washing with similar colors to maintain its optimal quality.

Yes! All products are made with high-quality durable fabrics that can withstand scratching. So, no matter if you pet has paws or claws they will love the products as much as you!

Our products are filled with US-made custom-density EPS beads. They are specifically designed to maintain a brand new quality despite long-time continuous use.

The filling of the products are made in the USA and is assembled in New England. To give you high-quality products at great prices, the materials are produced in various countries overseas.

We highly recommend that you refrain from letting babies and small children use the products as they may cause suffocation and other accidents. Even though we know that our products could be really comfortable for babies and small children, you and your family's safety is our main priority.

As of the moment, we accept payments via Paypal, major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Unfortunately, we currently don’t accept Bitcoin payments.

As of the moment, we do offer financing with Venmo using the PayPal option.

Please see the refunds page of our website for more details.

If you have more questions feel free to contact us

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