Luxi Living Bean Bag Skin
Luxi Living Bean Bag Skin
Luxi Living Bean Bag Skin
Luxi Living Bean Bag Skin

Luxi Living Bean Bag Skin

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  • Premium Quality

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The perfect way to level up your relaxation. With zero pressure points, the Support Pillow gives your body support in all the right places. It is versatile and perfect for working, sleeping, gaming, and more. 


Our support pillows are very easy to maintain because they come in removable high-quality fabrics that are machine washable. Easy maintenance makes our bean bag support pillows a good choice for families with children and pets. 


Designed with zero pressure points, this is the best support pillow for your bean bag. Need to recline in your bean bag, sleep, read a book, or see a movie? Our support pillows will give your body the needed support. It’s so comfortable that you’ll think you’re floating.


Sitting or resting in one position for long hours often creates a strain on the back. This is because the entire weight of the body is rested on the back. A zero-pressure point support pillow like our’s provides support for the back, this way, the weight of the body is rested on the pillow and the back will feel no strain at all. 


No assembly is needed. All products are ready-to-use straight from their boxes.

All products are machine washable. Simply remove the outer cover, and you’re good to go. It’s highly recommended that you do cold washing with similar colors to maintain its optimal quality.

Yes! All products are made with high-quality and durable fabric that can withstand scratching. So, no matter if your pet has paws or claws, your Console Gaming Chair will be perfect for them. They can even play beside you, too!

Our products are filled with US-made custom-density EPS beads. They are specifically designed to maintain a brand new quality despite long-time continuous use.

The filling of the Console Gaming Chair is made in the USA and is assembled in New England. To give you high-quality products at a great price, the covers are made in China.

We highly recommend that you refrain from letting babies and small children use the Console Gaming Chair as it may cause suffocation and other accidents. Even though we know that the Console Gaming Chair could be really comfortable for babies and small children, you and your family’s safety is still our priority.